Monday, September 9, 2013


I am  creating this blog for the open contest licensing for educator course (OCL4Ed) first learning reflection.
Mr. Downes pointed out on education material sharing. I totally agree with this point. Because I signed up for this course, that I am a lecturer in Information Technology and i want to share my knowledge, ideas and resources with all my students and others. I like to share because I am always learning new ways to motivate and inspire learning!.
OER allow students to gain access to material and ideas that they may not be able to learn or access within their current educational institution. Its actually sharing knowledge, learning from others and also collaboration work. Sharing allows learning more and improving our teaching skills.
Simon Mahony, Department of Information Studies mentioned that “Using OER is like getting a guest speaker to supply an expert view or presentation.”
Furthermore during this course, I had a chance to learn how to create a blog and how to post my reflections on the forum. Also, reading the blogs of the other participants and getting to know about their valuable opinions. All of these are new for me.
I agree that there should be freedom in learning. I feel open is when we do away with restrictions to the maximum. OER is a great base for accelerated  quality mass education strategy implementation.
With 21st Century digital freedom allowing people to get access and use to free open educational resources. And also allow the sharing of  knowledge with each other’s. Developing country like my country Sri Lanka will get the maximum benefit of using OER because most of our students don’t have much money to buy expensive library books. So OER can also reduce poverty to quite an extent. Education is very fundamental in everyone's life. Everyone should get the opportunity to be educated. ♯OCL4Ed